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Nescac Guide is a resource for high school students interested in NESCAC colleges. The site is run by NESCAC students and graduates, who you can connect with for advice and counseling. As students who were once in your shoes, we're here to help. We want students to get the same opportunities and experiences we were able to have.

Our student team also works closely with NESCAC faculty and college counselors from some of the best boarding schools in the world, like Phillips Academy Andover. That said, Nescac Guide is not directly affiliated with the official NESCAC organization or any specific schools.

Keep scrolling for more content that might be of use, and visit our Connect Page to get in contact with a student who can help you on your application journey. Lastly, feel free to check out our blogs on the NESCAC schools and their admission process.

The Problem We Solve

As applicants, we noticed there weren't many online recourses for students interested in the NESCAC schools, and we wanted to change that. Our team members attended these schools, and we know exactly what kind of applicant they look for. We want to be the leaders in NESCAC prep, by providing all the resources we wish we had!

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Feel free to drop us your college essay or resume. We are happy to send you notes, free of charge. If you have a specific college in mind that you want us to tailor our notes for, let us know. We're here to help!

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